Watching a thing. Then I had thoughts

People go on and on about how violent media is desensitizing people of today to be unaffected by it. It’s one of the bigger points people for censorship make. But based on personal experience, I find myself becoming, not desensitized, but resensitized. Things that I used to just take without reaction, now really affect me. I used to respond to a sad movie or TV series with “Oh, thats sad” and move on. Now I find myself actually affected by it and thinking about it, days later. I used to be able to watch graphic violence without blinking, now I cringe or even have to turn away. Death on TV or in a movie used to be nothing more than part of the plot. Now I relate it to death in reality. The finality of it. That person had a family that will never see them again. That person had friends. That person can no longer do anything. They can no longer be. I used to not think about these things. But now…

I really don’t understand how I could be changing my outlook in this matter. Psychologically it should be much easier and much more likely to stop caring and stop being affected. How does the reverse work? I’ve heard parents say that they can’t watch things with death or violence or sad plots because they imagine their kids going through that. THAT I understand… as best I can without having kids. But thats just it, I don’t have kids. I don’t have anyone by me that I could imagine in the place of the fictional character.

tl;dr, I want to know if becoming resensitized rather than desensitized has any sort of bearing to it. Or if its just another reason why I’m wacko

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